Celebrating 200,000 views on YouTube

Just this week we surpassed 200,000 views on our YouTube channel! For some that may not seem like much but for us that represents thousands of people who have been exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We even have testimonies of people who have come to God through these videos. So to celebrate, we are going to list off our 10 most watched videos on YouTube!

10. We Praise Your Name

This is the POS Choir singing at Turning Point 2009. As you can tell the quality of our videos have changed over the years. 

9. Ride On King Jesus

This is the POS Choir singing at our Easter event in 2011. After this video there is only one other music based video in our top 10.

8. "Maranatha" - Loammi Diaz

We have been blessed over the years by the ministry of Rev Loammi Diaz. This is him preaching at Encounter 2012.

7. "I Am A Loser, But I Am Not Lost" - Loammi Diaz

Another video from Encounter 2012 with Rev Loammi Diaz. 

6. The Wind Is Blowing Again - Pastor Stan Harvey

The only video from Pastor to make the top 10 list. This is a powerful message about the Pentecostal experience.

5. "Keep Digging" - Sam Emory

Rev Sam Emory preaching a life changing message at Turning Point 2014. He has ministered at our Turning Point Conference the last few years (here are clips from 2015, 2016 & 2017)

4. "The Spirit of Fear" - Mark Morgan

This is a short clip from the incredible ministry of Rev Mark Morgan at Turning Point 2013. We have had him minister at our Turning Point Conference many times and were always blessed by his unique insights into scripture (more videos of Rev Mark Morgan here, here and here).

3. Created to Worship

This is a song performed by the POS Youth Choir with soloists Jyrome Wetere and Mariah Khoury. You can find more videos featuring Jyrome Wetere here and here.

2. A Divine Visitation - Anthony Mangun

Many years ago we were able to host the famous Because of the Times conference in Sydney and this is the message that Pastor Anthony Mangun preached at that event.

1. What Is Man - Jeff Arnold

Our most viewed video is from Rev Jeff Arnold ministering at our Turning Point Conference many years ago!

Bonus Video