New Year

A New Year

It is hard to believe that another new year is upon us but it is exciting to be alive and living for God in AD 2018.

We had another amazing General Conference the first week of this month in Canberra with our guest speaker Rev. Woodward ministering the Word and moving in the Holy Ghost. Many lives were touched and saved, and we were refreshed by the fellowship of our brethren. Don’t forget to make plans for next year’s Conference in the same city.

As much as some of us are exhausted and beat from the struggles of last year, the new year always signals a fresh start and new hope. We have an opportunity to clear our heads and our hearts and begin the work of realigning our commitments and priorities.

For me anyway, the new year is an opportunity to put first things first, by prioritising my time, talent and treasure as I plan for the new year. So here’s the order:

God first, then Family, then Church, then reaching the world.

God is a God of order and priority and much of our effectiveness as God’s children is not necessarily working harder but working in order. Most business management tools encourage the manager to prioritise tasks and objectives in order to accomplish the important things. It often takes a lot of work and effort in planning but as the old saying goes; ‘If you fail to plan, plan to fail’.

One thing that is often neglected and left to last in our order of importance is our spiritual lives. Understand that our spirituality must take precedence over every other aspect of life. So plan your priorities in terms of your spiritual life first. This is done with prayer, devotion, fellowship, serving and witnessing. May this year be the best year ever because it’s our best year ever spiritually

The Word that I received for me and for our church from Conference this is is ‘Double Portion!' I am praying, and believing God, for a double portion year of souls being saved and the blessings of God being given and received.

Matthew 6:33  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

New Year, New Habits

After an outstanding General Conference in Melbourne, many of us are primed and ready for the new year. At the outset of 2017, we have the opportunity to chart a new course knowing that we are older and hopefully wiser than in the previous year.

Let us make the most of our mistakes from the past by not repeating them but applying God’s wisdom and revelation to our lives. Last week, I mentioned the importance of keystone habits that can have a flow on effect on other habits for the better. So from here on, focus on some major habits and be diligent on ensuring that you follow through with them.

For the Christian of course, the keystone habits are the ones that Jesus exemplified and that is prayer and knowledge of God’s Word. Make it your keystone habit to pray and read God’s Word daily. If this can be part of your daily routine everyday for the next six to eight weeks, it will become a habit that will influence your character and ultimately bring you to your destiny.

Church attendance, giving, fasting and witnessing are some of the other habits that are sure to follow and will cause you to become a ‘Contagious’ and ‘Effective’ Christian for God’s glory.

Hebrews 10:25 - Not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.