POS Church App

Introducing the POS Church App

It has been a few weeks since we released the brand-new POS Church App. It has been exciting getting some of the feedback from those of you who have already downloaded it and are using it!

If you are yet to download the app on your phone, here are some of the features you are missing out on.


Weekly Sermons & Livestream

In the POS Church App you have easy access to our weekly sermons. You can listen to them or watch them on your phone. If you start listening to a sermon on your phone, you can exit out of the app, or allow your phone to go to sleep, and the sermon will continue to play! You have the ability to download the sermon so you can listen to it offline and you can easily share a life changing message with your friends and family.

It is also possible to follow all our services LIVE within the app by going to the ‘POS Live’ tab!


Events & Special Events

For years our members have relied on a weekly or monthly handout to keep informed of all the events taking place at the POS each month. Now you are able to have ready access to everything that is happening at the POS throughout the year just by visiting the ‘Events’ tab in the app! Some events even include links for further information and maps to get you to the events that are not at the Church.

You will also be able to register for Special Events like Turning Point, Mother’s Day lunch or WOW31 events through the app.


What We’re Listening To

We have created a playlist on Spotify specifically for the POS Church App! It will be consistently updated with the songs that we are praising and worshipping to at The Pentecostals of Sydney, including any new songs that we will be introducing to the congregation. Make sure to follow the playlist and enjoy the songs you worship to, throughout the week!



Over the past 4-5 years we have offered online giving as an option for you to give to the POS and the many missions objectives we support. We partnered with a company called Pushpay and in order to give on your phone, you needed to download the Pushpay App. It is a great app and it did make giving quick and easy but now giving with your mobile device is even easier. You are now able to give through the POS Church App. The process is very simple and secure and the best part is that you don’t have to download another app to do it!

There are many other great features that we haven’t highlighted here so we encourage you to download the new POS Church App and explore. It is our prayer that this new app is just another avenue for the Gospel to be spread all across Sydney, throughout Australia and around the World!