Sam Emory

Turning Point 2018...Go, Make Disciples

Spring is upon us and I always enjoy this welcome transition of seasons, not only because we go from cold and frosty mornings to more comfortable warmer weather. Nor is it just that the days are getting longer and the flora begins to bloom but it’s also the month of Turning Point. The irony of the seasonal change and the name of our annual conference is not lost in the significance of this event.

Twenty six years ago Bishop Ted Slack named this conference to commemorate a significant event in the history of POS with our new venue, rapid growth and revival. Truly a profound change had taken place and as scripture says that we go from glory to glory (2 Cor 3:18), we also pursue one turning point after another in our spiritual journey.

The dictionary defines Turning Point as ‘a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, especially one with beneficial results.’

There have been countless turning points occurring in our church this year particularly in individual lives but perhaps one of the major changes have been the focus of Discipleship that’s captured in our 2018 theme, ‘Go Make’.

We are attempting to transform our paradigms and church culture by going from a merely 'soul winning concept' to a discipleship one. It is my desire that everything we do and all that we are as God’s people are brought to a complete and transparent scrutiny through the lens of discipleship. This includes our programs, our traditions, our habits, language and culture. We have to ask the brutally honest question; ‘Is what we are doing, in line with the Great Commission (Matt 20:19-20)?' which is the very heart beat of God. If our conclusion leads us to a negative, then we must remove it and begin to adopt practices that would ensure we are doing what we as a Church are supposed to.

The ministry of Br Hernandez and Br Emory at Turning Point 2018 will once again be life changing beyond words but this time, let us not only enjoy their ministries but participate in this event through a discipleship perspective and coupled with the processes of our purpose and calling….of going and making disciples.

Celebrating 200,000 views on YouTube

Just this week we surpassed 200,000 views on our YouTube channel! For some that may not seem like much but for us that represents thousands of people who have been exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We even have testimonies of people who have come to God through these videos. So to celebrate, we are going to list off our 10 most watched videos on YouTube!

10. We Praise Your Name

This is the POS Choir singing at Turning Point 2009. As you can tell the quality of our videos have changed over the years. 

9. Ride On King Jesus

This is the POS Choir singing at our Easter event in 2011. After this video there is only one other music based video in our top 10.

8. "Maranatha" - Loammi Diaz

We have been blessed over the years by the ministry of Rev Loammi Diaz. This is him preaching at Encounter 2012.

7. "I Am A Loser, But I Am Not Lost" - Loammi Diaz

Another video from Encounter 2012 with Rev Loammi Diaz. 

6. The Wind Is Blowing Again - Pastor Stan Harvey

The only video from Pastor to make the top 10 list. This is a powerful message about the Pentecostal experience.

5. "Keep Digging" - Sam Emory

Rev Sam Emory preaching a life changing message at Turning Point 2014. He has ministered at our Turning Point Conference the last few years (here are clips from 2015, 2016 & 2017)

4. "The Spirit of Fear" - Mark Morgan

This is a short clip from the incredible ministry of Rev Mark Morgan at Turning Point 2013. We have had him minister at our Turning Point Conference many times and were always blessed by his unique insights into scripture (more videos of Rev Mark Morgan here, here and here).

3. Created to Worship

This is a song performed by the POS Youth Choir with soloists Jyrome Wetere and Mariah Khoury. You can find more videos featuring Jyrome Wetere here and here.

2. A Divine Visitation - Anthony Mangun

Many years ago we were able to host the famous Because of the Times conference in Sydney and this is the message that Pastor Anthony Mangun preached at that event.

1. What Is Man - Jeff Arnold

Our most viewed video is from Rev Jeff Arnold ministering at our Turning Point Conference many years ago!

Bonus Video

Turning Point 2017 - NOW Is The Time

This month we host our 25th Turning Point Conference which commemorates the transition from the first church building of UPC Belmore on Burwood Road, Belmore to our current site here in Campsie back in 1992. Since then we have also witnessed the transition of leadership and the many new disciples added to the Kingdom of God. Ministers and Leaders have been raised and released with the view of continuing our late Bishop Slack’s vision of starting Lighthouses throughout our city. We have extended that to releasing ministries and launching mission works throughout our nation, region and beyond.

We have been blessed over the years to host anointed visiting ministries with the calibre of Harold Hoffman, Jeff Arnold, Mark Morgan, Raymond Woodward, Doug Klinedinst and many more. We are once again privileged to have Pastor Sam Emory, along with Pastor Ric Gonzalez teaming up to be our Guest Speakers at this milestone event.

We are deeply grateful for the rich legacy that has brought the Pentecostals of Sydney to where it is today and we look forward with great anticipation to the continued building of God’s Kingdom today and thereafter. Our vision is great and beyond the reach of our efforts alone but with God’s empowerment and leadership, we can continue to lead men and women to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

So join with us in prayer and fasting this month for the reaching of the unsaved, but also the encouragement and strengthening of all who attend. Be a part of TP17 and let us experience together the innumerable blessings of God’s presence, fellowship and ministry of His Word.

And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. Rom 13:11